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Understanding and Measuring Process


Understanding and Measuring Process Performance

Course Description:

Don’t jeopardize your performance with a too-narrow focus. Organizations are often managed in functional units(e.g., sales, engineering, manufacturing, servicing, etc.). Because of this silo approach, problems occurringduring the interactions of the various functions often cause people to stay focused on their own units rather thanon the needs and wants of the end customer or the overall performance of the organization. Learn how to effectively switch from a functional approach to a process approach, and how to stay focused on processinteractions (handoffs), where most problems occur. Understand how processes behave by recognizing andmeasuring the critical variables that impact process performance.

Course Objectives:

  1.  Understand processes and how they behave.
  2. Learn ways to monitor and measure process effectiveness and efficiency.
  3. Learn how to construct detailed process maps and understand how they can help monitor and measureprocesses.
  4. Recognize the value of statistical tools in monitoring and measuring process performance.
  5. Understand how process measurements impact financial performance.

    Course Outline:

  6. The process approach and its benefits.
  7. High-level process mapping (supplier– input – process – output – customer).
  8. Critical process variables and how to monitor and measure them.
  9. Process metrics: process yield, process capability (e.g., Cpk), sigma quality level.
  10. Other key process measurements (e.g., cycle time, overall equipment effectiveness).
  11. Applicable statistical tools (e.g., time plots, frequency plots, control charts, scatter plots).