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Implementing Statistical Process Co


Implementing Statistical Process Control


Course Description:

You’ve collected informative data, but now what? It’s nearly impossible to control processes – let alone improvethem – without the application of statistical tools. Statistical process control may seem intimidating, but it doesn’thave to be. This course will help you understand the powerful statistical tools that are available and be able touse them to make the most of your organizational processes. Learn ways to control your processes and thusensure that they meet established performance criteria. Discover different ways to plot data using control chartsthat are appropriate to the type of data you want to examine. Understand the different types of control charts. Beable to determine which control charts are most appropriate in which situations and with which kinds of data sets.

Course Objectives:

  • Present methods that facilitate process control and signal situations where processes deviate fromestablished targets.
  • Introduce the various types of control charts that are appropriate for specific data sets.
  • Learn the pitfalls of working with control charts (do’s and don’ts).

Course Contents:

  • Methods for monitoring and control.
  1.  Process management charts.
  2.  Visual controls.
  • Variation and individuals control charts.
  • Control charts for high-volume processes with subgroups.
  1.  Xbar and R charts.
  2.  Xbar and S charts.
  3.  IMR Charts.
  • Control charts for detecting small shifts quickly.
  1.  Exponentially weighted moving average.
  • Control charts for discrete variables.
  1.  P and NP charts
  2.  C and U charts.
  • Using Minitab in support of statistical tools