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A systematic and independent examination to determine whether quality activities and related results comply with planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively.


For developing an environment that enhances employee motivation and organization productivity and satisfaction. Trained personnel will be retained, performer and flexible enough in specific work condition.


Today, most goods are subject to local regulations (EN, ASTM, CPSC, and others) to help ensure the health and safety of the final consumer. Since importers and retailers are responsible for the products in the country where they market them.


An inspection is, most generally, an organized examination or formal evaluation exercise.Inspection involves the measurements, tests, and gauges applied to certain characteristics in regard to an object or activity.


Certification is the formal attestation. Certification is a useful tool to add credibility, by demonstrating that your product or service meets the expectations of your customers.

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AVN SYSTEMS PAKISTAN is a leading management training firm. We specialize in providing training, systems audit services in accordance with various international and national standards and buyer code of Conducts as well.

Our driving force is to positively impact public and private sector entities in their management systems and operations. We not only prioritize on deliverables, but also put in place systems that ensure management decisions are in line with customers’ requirements and expectations.

Our strength is underpinned on a leading team of industry experts and value added solutions to clients. We partner with our clients to address their most challenging business issues through unparalleled capabilities across all industry and business functions. Our services are a careful blend of best-practice and cutting-edge solutions that are expertly customized to suit each individual and corporate client’s needs.

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Training Services

ISO 9001 Quality Management , ISO 14001 Environmental Management, Social Accountability 8000 Standard, BUYER’s Code Of Conduct, C-TPAT, ISO-13485 Medical Devices, IMPLEMENTING STATISTICAL PROCESS CO, UNDERSTANDING AND MEASURING PROCESS

Inspection Services

Pre shipment Inspection, In-Process Inspection, Receiving Inspection


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