About AVN Systems

AVN SYSTEMS PAKISTAN is a leading management training and consultancy firm. We specialize in providing training, consultancy; systems audit services in accordance with various international and national standards and buyer code of Conducts as well.

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Developing Standards

AVN has played a leading role in developing standards to help organizations become better governed and more responsible


Standard Industry

A lot of people think standards are just for big companies because they’re complex. Nothing could be further from the truth

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This is What We Doing

AVN works with business experts, government bodies, trade associations and consumer groups to capture best practice and structure the knowledge all organizations need to succeed.

Training Services

Whether you’re looking for a public training course, in-house or Connected Learning Live, you’ll find our broad portfolio in Training.

AVN is an industry thought leader in training to international compliance standards. We’ve helped shape and develop many of the world’s leading standards, our expert knowledge means a lot, and when you train with us you benefit from this expertise.

Consultancy Services

We are expert to solve complex regulatory challenges. We will design a regulatory and QMS strategy that takes your product or system to established and emerging markets worldwide.

We utilize years of hands-on experience to ensure our clients get their products or systems to market as efficiently as possible. We can compile, submit, and manage all your device registrations.

Inspection Services

At AVN, we pride ourselves on delivering best in class inspection services against international codes, standards, and client specifications.  We focus on getting it right the first time because anything else won’t do.

We offer you our commitment to inspection excellence, which means protecting your assets and your brand reputation as if they were our own.


Evaluation Skills


Technical Skills


Planning Skills


Stretigic Skills

Core Values

Communication, Ability to Work Under Pressure, Decision Making, Time Management, Self-motivation, Conflict Resolution, Leadership, Adaptability.

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Document Prep

All the required documentation of standards and procedures are prepared according to the organization portfolio.

Site Audit

Site audit is conducted to ensure that all the standards and procedures are being followed.

Certificate issue

After meeting ISO standards criteria a certificate will be issued to the organization.


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